CVD or CVI processes

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is a versatile process for the manufacturing of coatings. Basically, this process is based on a chemical reaction between a substrate material and vapor phase precursors. Our coatings are based on Thermal CVD, Where the deposition process is promoted by heat.

CVD enables a deposition of homogeneous layers from some nm up to some micrometer on the surface of a broad range of substrates (shape or material). However, some applications such as the reinforcement of CFC or insulation grades need to deposit the coating inside the pores of the material without closing them. For these applications, NKCG offers the possibility to perform chemical vapor infiltration (CVI).

CVI is a type of CVD in which the reactive gas infiltrates the porous material that has to be covered. It allows the deposition in the depth of the structure. This will densify the structure of the material. The chemistry and thermodynamics for CVD and CVI and essentially the same, only the kinetics is different.

In Windhagen, NKCG has several furnaces dedicated to the deposition of coatings using CVD or CVI processes. The different parameters essential for CVD and CVI can be tuned in order to fit the specifications of our customers.

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