NK PURE (< 5ppm)

High Temperature Purification for Semiconductor, PV, Medical, Industrial applications:

For some applications like in the semiconductor industry, a high purity of the graphite material is needed. To reach such high specifications, NKCG offers the possibility to purify the graphite pieces after machining. The purification removes the impurities (elements else than carbon) without modifying the integrity or properties of the pieces itself.

The purification process can be performed by heating the graphite under a constant flow of carrier gas. Higher purity can also be obtained using chlorinated or fluorinated gas. These gases will react with the impurities and form a volatile compound that can diffuse out of the graphite.

Depending on the specification of our customers, different process can be used (high temperature with or without reactive gases). This will lead to different end-purities of the graphite pieces. The analysis is done by ICP-OES and/or und GDMS. Our purification achieves typical values below 5ppm.

Some relevant impurities with typical occurrence after purification

(The measured values may vary regarding the level of purification performed)


  • Measurements are performed by extern and independent laboratories, certificate can be deliver on demand.
  • Various measurement Methods can be used, for surface or bulk measurement.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us for specific needs (Elements, sample preparation, measurement methods, etc.).

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