How we produce and what we deliver!

At NKCG, quality is built into every part – not inspected after the fact. Quality is the task of every NKCG team member.

In addition, NKCG maintains a document control system in accordance with ISO standards. Records, as well as finished products, can be retained for up to 10 years upon request.

Our equipment:

3D multi-sensor coordinate Measuring Machine Hexagon Optiv Reference 10103 Dual Z

  • Tactile measurement of the material shape (2D/3D) Optical measurement (projector)
  • White-light sensor to analyses roughness and surface profile Measuring area: X 1000 mm Y 930 mm Z 300 mm

Integrated measuring system CNC machines

  • Almost any of our CNC machines is equipped with an integrated system so that we know that size accuracy of the material will be detected during the manufacturing process.

Faro 7 axis arm

  • Measurement of dimensional, form- and positional tolerances

CAQ Software

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Management

Upon request

  • 100% inspection & tracing
  • APQP
  • SPC
  • FMEA

Feel free to download our German ISO 9001:2015-Certificate.

Feel free to download our English ISO 9001:2015-Certificate.